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I had an old computer sitting in my home office for two years. I hated the clutter, but just never took the time to dispose of it. eCycle came by, picked it up, and hauled it away. No more junky computer, and it was so convenient! Thanks, eCycle!

-Michelle H.


We were thrilled to hear about your company! For years, we had struggled with where to take our old computers, as parents donated several to us over the years. We contacted you guys and two very professional gentleman came at the date/time we expected and graciously loaded up our donation. We plan on contacting you whenever we have anything else electronic to donate. Great job guys from one non profit to another!!!

-Janet Kite, Children’s Center of Knoxville, Inc.


Our company had between 1,500 and 2,000 pounds of computer equipment sitting in a storage area, including two old ultrasound machines. We had been talking about how to dispose of this

equipment on the cheap; however we never committed the time or money to getting this done. Before you know it, we had found eCycle and placed a phone call. No cost and efficient pickup, just what we


I had stacked all of our equipment in one room for a more “convenient pickup” and told Mr. Peek that it would take about an hour to load; I guessed wrong. Took three people well over two hours to get it all moved, yet they did it all with a smile on their face. I have since called them back for three more pickups and will continue to do so into the future. I would recommend eCycle to anyone looking to dispose of electronic equipment.

-Nathan M


eCycle was a perfect solution for us – they did all the heavy lifting… easy, quick, and guaranteed secure.

-Jerry J.


eCycle made things easy! They were here on the same day as was promised, and the equipment was picked up quickly. The men were professional and friendly, and informed us that they are in the area several days a week—if we had other computers to get rid of.

We will definitely keep them in mind next time we need to dispose of outdated computer equipment!

-Becky E.


ecycle was great! They were so nice on the phone and responded quickly to pick up our old, out-of-date computers. It's a good thing to know that these old computers will not end up as landfill or be disposed of irresponsibly.

-Penelope N.


It seems strange to try to write a letter about something that was so easy and took so little of our time. But that’s it! eCycle is a great service. It was very simple to schedule a pick up. It’s also reassuring to know that our old computers and electronic equipment will be disposed of properly.

eCycle is a wonderful concept and it’s good to read about the events, individual stories and see that concept put into practice. Thanks for all your help.


-Marianne, Sharon and Rachel G._


“Our company has always had a need for computer and computer-related disposal. We now have eCycle to thank for filling that need.

They are very thorough in their destruction process. For example, one PC that we were disposing of, still had an important data disc inside. eCycle contacted us and returned the much needed disc. We have been working with eCycle for about six months now and each interaction with them has been extremely pleasant. Their service and professionalism cannot be rivaled.”

- Barry R.


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