Giving back to the community
It was recently brought to our attention that a single father of 4 was in dire need of a reliable used computer as his was no longer operable. Although 98% of the items that we receive are recycled due to it's age or operating condition, occasionally we'll take in items that can be
refurbished and re-used.
We were fortunate enough to receive a working CPU, flat panel monitor, keyboard, speaker and mouse that fit this gentleman (Scott Lawrence) and his families needs.
The joy on his children's face when their computer was delivered was priceless.
Scott Lawrence and his amazing children gather around their donated computer.
Amanda Mercado is one happy camper as she poses with the printer that e-Cycle donated to her. The printer was given to us by local Businessman/Politician Mark Padgett. Amanda is a college freshman and found herself in a bind when her printer malfunctioned. We heard about her need and immediately went into action. Thank you Mr. Padgett for your kindness and congratulations Amanda, now you can get back to your school work!
The great staff at the Knoxville Epilepsy foundation was kind enough to prepare the goody basket below for us upon our donation of several flat panel monitors to their place of business. Thank you Paula, Lynn, Pam and Sarah!
A business associate of ours mentioned that her sister, who is blind, has 2 beautiful daughters that have had health issues and desperately needed a computer for their home. Brianna and Bethany (pictured below) are all smiles as they enjoy the computer system that e-Cycle donated to them.
Julie Costner with the non-profit Fort Loudon Lake Association was kind enough to thank us for the computers that we donated with this clever screen saver. Please find them on facebook and see first hand all of the fantastic things that they do to keep our waters clean.
Mathew Solis, President of the Phil-American organization, holds computer items donated by e-Cycle that his group will send over seas to help the disadvantaged learn basic computer skills. 
Lyle Keeble of the Dogwood Arts Festival was kind enough to send this photo of one of their associates with a computer that we donated to their amazing organization.