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We are e-Cycle of Knoxville, a local computer recycler. Not too long ago, we realized that our area had a tremendous need for an outlet to properly dispose of and computer related items. Far too many times we'd heard stories and seen with our own eyes what individuals, frustrated with not knowing what to do with their e-waste, would do to get rid of these items.
What started as a venture has grown into a venue collecting as much as 40,000 lbs per month of computer e-waste. And we couldn't be happier knowing that we are helping fill a badly needed void while helping keep our planet green!
Initially we held recycling in various, local and recieved tremendous support on each outing. That eventually prospered into businesses asking for our services as well. In addition, many locals expressed their desire for us to offer of which we gladly obliged. We now do so 5 days a week.
As much as we try and re-use the items donated to us, often this is not possible due to the age of the item. Hard drives are erased with our state of the art D-Ban so there's no need to worry about sensitive data ending up in the wrong hands. We also offer, upon request, Certificates of Destruction for items donated to us for additional peace of mind.
What we are most proud of is our partnership with a local non-profit organization that donates, free of charge, complete computer systems to needy families. To date (April 6, 2014) they have donated over 1,500 to these families in need.
Because you have done your part, we are able to do our part which is what recycling is really all about.